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Gian Luca Montanari - architect, Carpi - Modena

MGGMSTUDIO works through planning, design and management of the living space, thus integrating urban planning, architecture and style.
MGGMSTUDIO means architectural art, conceived as a platform junction between theory, esthetic and technique.
MGGMSTUDIO is a small team made by its leader, Architect Gian Luca Montanari, and very professional assistants. A tested work-process, a clear vision and a technological advance.
The intrinsic complexity of architectural work is managed through a simplification of the project phase for its linear and harmonic development and control of all critical aspects.
MGGMSTUDIO’s activity is for customers with the need of personalization of the holder they want to use and live in: the coordination of specialty services for a global professional vision and the importance of the space in the process of creation.

MGGMSTUDIO designs for all building types and aims the idea of “critical harmony” in the relationship with the physical and morphologic context , the technical construction quality, according to the economical and functional needs of the customer.

MGGMSTUDIO uses a modern language in the architectural debate of our times. Professionals work together in the customers’ interest. MGGMSTUDIO provides instruments and works on conditions, so that changes are possible. MGGMSTUDIO promotes a critical approach to the modification of the location, to the relationship between building type and urban morphology, to the innovation of techniques and the communication needs.

Every work focuses on quality and on living wellness of the final user and this through a very accurate and critical process from the project phase to the control of the site under construction.

Projects can include all or, if needed, be divided into following professional services:

Feasibility studies
Preliminary design
Executive design
Site Managing

Gian Luca Montanari - Architect, Carpi - Modena